Saturday, June 4


My Dad called me this morning and really put me in a good mood. We talked for awhile and as I got off the phone I realized that I was just so excited for the day. I haven't had one of those days in awhile with all the busy parts of life lately. Ive had soccer, Lee has been working, not to mention its the last few weeks of the school year. For those of you who don't know kids are bonkers right about now. They are like monkeys in a cage, I was teaching kindergarten yesterday and I had kids climbing up the fences out on the field. They just run around like chickens with heads cut off. Okay maybe not chickens but defiantly monkeys in cages.

My Dad is coming to my soccer game today and that just reminds me of old times. I had a soccer tournament over the holiday weekend and one night about 30 kids were out in the parking lot playing capture the flag and I just had to join in. It was just a great mixture of two childhood memories. One being going to soccer tournaments with my Dad and the other being capture the flag with the neighborhood kids in the summer. When did I get so old? I guess 25 isn't old, but its not running around the neighborhood barefoot either. Kids that are 10 years younger than me have already had a different childhood than I did. Pros and cons of the internet I guess.

Anyways, today's going to be a great day! I finally have time to go the gym, get the house back in decent shape, get some coaching in, but my favorite part is spending time with my family. Last night we finally got to see some of Lee's family and that's always a good time. I'm really lucky to have such great in laws. (and they don't even read this I don't think so they really are that great) Now I will see my Dad for a bit at my game and then its girls night.

I cant help but post about the fact that my "girls" are my family and I know that wherever life takes me they will always be apart of it because that's how family works. I always knew that my sisters would be my best friends but I never knew that my '7 years older than me cousin' would be too. You see my Mom past away when I was younger and we spent a ton of time at my Aunt and Uncles and my two cousins played with us a lot. I was 0-4 years old when she was sick and I only remember bits and pieces but its fun to hear them tell me everything. Seven years is a big age gap, that means when I was in Kindergarten she was in 6th grade. I love to think who would have ever thought we would be so close today... maybe my Mom.