Sunday, February 27


How can you not love Dove shampoo and conditioner! AMAZING!

I also came across this video during my student teaching, it was for a freshman health class. Very cool! Dove Evolution Video:

Now onto Chocolate!

I really eat well most of the time but there is just something about Dove chocolate ice cream bars that I cant stop myself. When I was younger I was only allowed to have one treat before bed, I can remember running to the downstairs freezer to sneak another ice cream sandwich. I wonder if that has anything to do with it?  Yes, yes I'm a dork! I also remember the rules of living with 5 brothers and sisters, hide your food! If you wanted it to be there tomorrow you better label it. Well I couldn't really label the box of ice cream sandwiches, hiding them in the freezer worked well too. ☺

Tuesday, February 22

A few of my favorite things

I'm not much of a coffee drinker and whenever I found myself at Starbucks or Caribou, I felt a little left out. Especially when the cool thing in high school was to go get coffee. Gross, I just don't like it. I finally found something I liked besides hot chocolate, Iced Chai.  You can have it warm if you'd like but I prefer on the rocks. However, I rarely buy it because its so expensive and I suck it down in two seconds. Strolling through the unfamiliar Meijers coffee aisle I came across Chai tea concentrate. Just add milk! And I get like 8 glasses from that little box. It's delicious and even cheaper at Walmart! They even have a sugar free that I haven't tried yet.

$2.98 at Walmart

I always used to bite my nails when I was younger. I can remember my dad complaining about it, buying me stupid nail polish that taste gross in effort to stop me. Anyways, one of our super busy summer days at the Hallmark store in high school I learned how to file my nails. I never understood clipping my fingernails, finally this tom boy understood. However, just any nail file wont do.

Its actually clear glass but this one is in a pocket holder. You can find them from anywhere to $6-$12. I buy mine at good ole hallmark, but Ive seen them all over. Best part, they never go bad. You just rinse them off and good to go again.

Lets see, I have a tube in my purse, drawer at school, drawer in the bathroom, and next to my bed. Oh and I think in the car too. Can you guess? I know my sister got it right. Burts Bees! MMM that minty tingle on my lips. I have branched out and tried different kinds, I say flavors. =) The pomegranate oil, honey, and mango butter. The original is by far the best but I don't mind the pomegranate once in awhile for a little color. (really dislike the honey kind)

For me, walking through the cereal aisle can be overwhelming. There are so many kinds that I like. I am a cereal snacker. I don't have it for breakfast because I eat on the run in the morning. For me, I love it after school for a sweet snack to hold me over until dinner. A coworker recently opened my eyes to by far one of my favorites, Special K with fruit and yogurt. I will say its not the healthiest but its perfect for replacing my snacking crave when I get home from work.

Monday, February 21

Snow day!

One of the many reasons I became a teacher... Snow day #5 today! Whew, not to mention winter break was all last week. I could hardly contain my excitement last night and was jumping and giggling like a little school girl. Last year I think we only had two.

Snow days make me think of jumping out of bed to see nothing but the outside world covered in beautiful sparkling white snow. As kids we would spend hours outside in the winter wonderland. We lived behind a church parking lot which was awesome because they would plow huge snow hills that we would use to sled, attempt to snow board, and build amazing forts. Whenever we had the first snow fall my mom would get all of us together and have a little snow party in the living room. Hot chocolate, cider, powder donut holes, popcorn, and the Let it Snow book. Just one of the many fun memories that I would like to do when Im a mom.

Sunday, February 20

Happily Ever After

Lee and I have been married about a year and a half. Ive been trying to figure out all the little things of growing up and stepping into the adult married world. Mostly things around the house, the cooking, cleaning, and figuring out what we like best (along with all of our funny quirks that make us AWESOME). The hard part has been remembering everything. The recipes that were successful or the brand of laundry detergent I liked best.

Something my mom brought to my attention a few years ago was toothpaste. If you think about it you pretty much stick with the same tube that you've always used. So when my mom switched it up one day my mouth noticed. What a difference! It really does feel like a shower for whole mouth. So on a sad morning when I get caught spending the night elsewhere and don't have my Aquafresh extreme clean my mouth just isn't the same.