Thursday, February 16

Got protein?

We have been eating a lot more protein in our house lately so Ive been doing a lot more prep work in the kitchen.  Ive been told that making sure you get enough protein (no longer than 3 hrs apart) really kicks your metabolism into high gear. Who doesn't want that!

Check out this pin!

It works!!! Ive been cooking in large batches lately and it was such a time saver throwing the warm chicken in the kitchen aid mixer.

I said large batches! I find myself really enjoying different foods that I didnt really care for a few years ago. Hard boiled eggs are an awesome, super fast, good source of protein and yummy too. No worries, its the 'good' cholesterol. I did struggle with the peeling process, I could peel quick but they didn't look so perfect. I tried just about everything except using old eggs. I added a little salt and vinegar in the cooking process as well as running them under cold water and dropping them in an ice bath. Hopefully practice makes perfect.

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