Friday, February 10

Oh pinterest!

Okay so it's been awhile and I 100% blame pinterest. I originally wanted to blog to keep my recipes and fun ideas organized so I could go back to them if I wanted. Hence, pinterest. A glorious pin board to do exactly that. Not to mention the exploring, creativity, and decision making wonders it entails.

Well now that Lee and I have relocated I have some extra time on my hands. I thought it might be fun to share all of the things I find on pinterest that I actually attempt to do. Not to mention some projects I've done and some great nutrition/recipes I don't want to forget.

I'll start with that pin everyone has seen with the plastic baggy on your shower head. Since we just moved into a new place I figured I should give it a go.

-1/3 cup baking soda
-1 cup white vinegar
-1 plastic bag
- they said twisty tie but I used a rubberband

I will say watching the baking soda mix with the vinegar was fun, I did mine slowly over the sink. However, I'm not sure if it made any difference with my shower head. Maybe it wasn't dirty enough because the flow already seemed fine, I just wanted to try for fun.

Something else I have tried and well still perfecting is the sock bun technique for curly/wavy hair. What can I say, I never do my hair and if I'm going out I still only spend five minutes or so. Don't get me wrong I still try and look cute, I just find the quickest way to do so.

This is supposed to be a no heat method and something you should sleep in. I had the most trouble rolling my hair up in the sock.

I think next time I'm going to try this no heat method instead

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